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Space Efficient10
VOC removal6
Area of Coverage6

Ideal for small spaces


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Product Description – Taotronics tt-ap001

????  TRUE HEPA filter

Can effectively remove sources of allergies such as smoke, pollen, dust and pets hair. The Taotronics tt-ap001 Air Purifier works with a combination of pre-filter, activated carbon filter and true HEPA filter. This combination  effectively removes 99. 97% of airborne particles as small as 0. 3 microns

???? Night Light or No Light

This air purifier has the option to leave the light on or off when the purifier is working in sleep mode. So that lights will not disturb you.

???? Powerful Clean Air Delivery Rate

Of 150m³/h, this air purifier circulates the air quickly, and can cater for a room up to 161ft² (15m²). This ensures the air in your room or office will be replaced with clean and fresh air many times an hour.

???? Very silent

In sleep mode, it works at only 25dB, which creates a restful and soothing environment without disturbances while you study, work or sleep.

⚡Adjustable speed of the air purifier:

Low, medium, high and Turbo. You can select this based on the size of the room or the time of the day. For example you may want to use a higher speed during the day, when there is more activity around your home (cooking, walking…). Whereas at night, when you want silence and there are not that many pollutants around, you may want a quieter mode.


Our Taotronics Air Purifier tt-ap001 review


This purifier does not use ionization or UV lights. Therefore the taotronics air purifier tt-ap001 does not produce ozone, which is a harmful gas. The Taotronics Air Purifier is ozone-free, and we recommend it in that sense. You should keep an eye on ozone generation, and make sure that you but an air purifier that is 100% ozone-free, such as taotronics air purifier tt-ap001.

taotronics air purifier ozone-free


In its Sleep Mode, the Taotronics Air Purifier is very silent and very convenient for your sleep. This will also help in not increasing your electricity bill. We need to bear in mind that, at night, the activity around your home will be minimal. Therefore there will be less dust being raise, less pet dander, and less smoke or cooking fumes. Because of this, a low fan setting should be enough.

TaoTronics Air Purifier UK

On its maximum power, to be used during the daytime or when you need to clean the air in a room quickly, you can use the Turbo Mode. With this mode, the noise raises up to 45db, but that is still quite reasonable and should not disturb you.

taotronics air purifier uk


We find its design to be slick and fit for purpose. Since it’s designed to be used in a small room, its small size will also prove very handy. Its weight is also of less than 2 Kg, which makes it easy to move around.

TaoTronics Air Purifier for Home review


The taotronics tt-ap001 filter are easy to find, inexpensive, and are easy to replace. You can also extend the performance of your filter by using a vacuum cleaner and cleaning the filter. You can see in this video how to perform a TaoTronics air purifier filter cleaning

taotronics tt-ap001 replacement filterOnce the filters are old you will need to replace them with a new one. How long they last will depend on how much time per day you use them and the conditions of your home. You will notice that you need to change the filter when the filter cleaning with the vacuum cleaner is not that effective anymore.

You can find taotronics tt-ap001 replacement filters here

Ease of use:

Its 4 speed modes make it very easy to use and to adapt to your needs. That will depend on the time of the day and the desired performance. Changing the filter is also quite straightforward.

8Expert Score
TaoTronics Air Purifier for Home review
Ideal for small spaces
Space Efficient
VOC removal
Area of Coverage
  • Tiny and easy to place on your desk
  • Nice design
  • Silent
  • Light can be switched off at night
  • Lacks remote control
  • Not suitable for rooms bigger than 15 sq meters
  • Activate Carbon filter is too thin to effectively remove Volatile Organic Compounds

Specification: Taotronics Air Purifier

Model TT-AP001
Ozone Free
Filters VOC
Size 21.59 x 21.59 x 34.39 cm
Area of Coverage 15
UV light No
Ionizer No
Max noise 45

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Taotronics Air Purifier