Air Purifiers For Your Home

How to find the right Air Purifier

Air purifiers are enjoying increasing popularity in many homes. And rightfully so. After all, good air quality is not just important; it adds to your quality of living. Particularly, if you are spending much time at home.


Many people might assume that air pollution is an outdoor problem. But is that really the case? If you live in a highly polluted region, the same traces of vehicle exhaust, airborne dust and pollen, smoke and other pollutants you encounter out on the street, will inevitably find their way into your home.

air pollution

Add pollutants, such as household dust, cigarette smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from paint, fillings from sofas and mattresses, pet hair, dander, and many more. You get my idea.

With that many harmful pollutants around you, it becomes obvious why every home should consider a high-quality air cleaner. It is our aim helping you to find the right air filter, to keep you and your loved ones healthy around the year.

allergy air purifier

Three reasons why people start looking for an air purifier​

1. Allergies (pollen, dust, pet hair)
2. Help with asthma
3. Smoking in the house

Four aspects you should consider before you get your air cleaner

1. Room Size

Knowing the room size 📐is by far the most crucial aspect to take into consideration. Under no circumstances should you buy a device that is not powerful enough to cover the entire room. Trying to save money by the size of your purifier is saving at the wrong place. Because, if the air purifier is not strong enough, the positive effect of the device will not work. 

air purifier room

Before you decide on one or the other air purifier, know the square meters of the room where you want to use it and then check the maximum capacity as stated by the manufacturer. You can find this vital information either on the packaging or in the product description inside the box. 

For Small Rooms ( equal or less than 30 m2)

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pro breeze air purifier

Pro Breeze 4 In 1 Air Purifier, Pro Breeze Dehumidifier, Pro Breeze

Best deal at:
Max room size 5
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Best value
PARTU Air Purifier Review, PARTU Air Purifier Filter, PARTU Air Purifier

PARTU Air Purifier Review, PARTU Air Purifier Filter, PARTU Air Purifier

Best deal at:
Max room size 15
£129.99 £79.99
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- 15%
levoit lv-h132

Levoit LV-H132, Levoit Air Purifier LV-H132 Replacement Filter UK

Best deal at:
Max room size 12
£79.99 £67.98

For Medium Rooms ( between 30 and 50 m2)

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ProBreeze 5-in-one

ProBreeze 5-in-one

Best deal at:
Max room size 40
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Toyuugo air purifier

Best deal at:
Max room size 31
£99.99 £79.99

For Big Rooms ( more than 50 m2)

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vax air purifier

Vax Air Purifier

Sold By : Stellar Air Cleaning
Max room size 120
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philips air humidifier

Philips AC3829/10, Air Cleaner and Air Humidifier, Series 3000i

Best deal at:
Max room size 80
£550.00 £450.90
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dyson air purifier

Dyson Air Purifier, Dyson AM09 Power Consumption

Best deal at:
Max room size 95
£419.99 £405.00
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levoit air purifier

Levoit Air Purifier Review, Best Deal On The Levoit Air Purifier

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Max room size 55
£159.99 £118.98
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UV Air Purifier : TruSens Z-3000

UV Air Purifier : TruSens Z-3000

Best deal at:
Max room size 70
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philips ac3259

Philips AC3259, Philips AC3259/60, AC3259 Philips Air Cleaner

Best deal at:
Max room size 95
£495.00 £369.90

2. Noise

The noise level 🔊 for the air cleaner is another critical factor, by which you should decide. A noise which at the moment might not be disturbing can get quite agitating over a few hours. While some devices are almost inaudible, others can produce disturbing noises. Considering the noise level is especially important if you want to use the air cleaner in your bedroom. 🛏

Always check which decibel value the manufacturer gives for the device. This information is listed in decibel value (abbreviation dB or dB(A)). You will find it in the product information. Following, we give you a list, which will help you to estimate how loud the air purifier is during the air exchange.

air purifier for sleep

🟢 0 to 10 decibels: almost inaudible

🟢 11 to 20 decibels: very quiet, comparable to a calm PC fan

🟡 21 to 30 decibels: quiet but audible

🟡 31 to 40 decibels: as distinct as a fan – from 35 dB can be annoying in the bedroom

🔴 41 to 50 decibels: audible, comparable to birdsong or a radio

😡 More than 51 decibels: loud and disturbing, not recommended

  • Our recommendation is not to settle for an air cleaner, that exceeds 35 decibels.
See below a link to an article about the most silent air purifiers.
Most Silent Air Purifiers To Sleep Well at Night
The best Silent Night Air Purifiers for your bedroom
Most Silent Air Purifiers To Sleep Well at Night

3. Filter types and maintenance requirements

Air purifiers are divided into two broad categories:
Air cleaners with filters and Devices without filters.


The filter type of air purifier ultimately determines the maintenance requirements. Air purifiers that clean the air with filters work with a so-called HEPA filter. This is a highly efficient particle filter that is very narrowly meshed. It can remove particles from the air that have a size of up to 0.1 micrometres. In addition to the HEPA filter, other filter systems are usually used, such as the activated carbon filter. This filter has, above all a cleaning effect, as it filters gas pollutants such as cigarette smoke from the air. Click here to find out more about HEPA air purifiers.

hepa filter
HEPA filter

If you decide on a purifier, find out in advance, which filters are used and how often they need replacing. The average life span of the filter is between six and nine months. We recommend, not to settle for an air purifier whose filter life is less than six months. Air purifiers without filters clean the air in the room with water. They are also known as air washers. Obviously, with those devices, you do not need to change the filter. The disadvantage, however, air washers only remove coarse particles from the air and we don’t recommend them.

4. Price

For most people, the cost of the air purifier will matter. Like with many things, the most expensive purifier is not always the best choice. However, as stated already above, you should not save money in the wrong place. It is better to invest a little more money in the purchase than to be frustrated later by the high electricity bill or the high follow-up costs due to constant filter changes. Besides, only a high-quality – and correspondingly more expensive – air purifier can ensure cleaner air. It is best to read test and experience reports to choose a model with an excellent price-performance ratio. ​

Other factors to consider before the purchase

There are several aspects that you should pay attention to when buying an air cleaner. 

Energy consumption: In most cases, the air purifier will be operating for several hours per day. Modern devices are economical and have a timer, which makes switching on and off unnecessary. Those air purifiers are quite flexible. 

🔬 Look for the Micron value The micron value indicates how high the filtering of articles in the air cleaner is. Make sure that the micron value is not below 0,3.


The purchase of an air purifier is usually a worthwhile expense.


A good air purifier is an investment that always pays off. The device will clean the air so that there are no longer any health risks, and allergy sufferers can also rest assured. Besides, most of the devices are compact, so that they can be taken everywhere and can, therefore, be used in different places.

Now, you can search for your Air Purifier in the link below! 🔎